Monday, May 08, 2006


As Lead Consultant for "Vulnerability and Adaptability Programme" (Supported by SDC) one day I was in Srirangapur Village (Kondurg Mandal, Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh, India) as part of Field visit. I saw huge piles of fuel wood lying in the courtyard of every house hold, I was curious to know what kind of stoves people are using. Randomly I observed the existing stoves in the two project villages. It is surprising to see myriad of stove designs. Most of the villagers are using simple low-cost or no-cost stoves made up of three bricks / stones. Probably the civilizations existed about 5000 years ago might have used better stoves as compared to the existing stoves.

The basic question is how come within the same village / region there are different types of stoves existing?!! Similarly I have visited other villages too in parts of Andhra Pradesh, the situation is not different. It only proves that there is a huge task to create large scale awareness and at the same time work towards low cost efficient stoves with locally available raw material.

I am happy to share that the "Good Stove" prototype demonstrated in the two project villages are widely accepted and on demand basis 227 families have so far adopted them. A large size Good Stove was also constructed for cooking Mid-day meals for school children (50 nos.) in one of the villages. There is a huge demand for these stoves and in a couple of months all the families in these two project villages would own a good stove.

With large scale awareness and demonstration of the efficient viable technologies the community could adapt efficient stoves.

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